Music Production Software Blog. Day 2.

Afternoon dudes,

I’ve done nothing apart from play around with my iPad this morning – things are just too damn addictive when you’ve got the right bit of software running on them! ¬†Anyway was checking these cool little gadgets to stick on the front that basically convert your iPad into a fully functioning DJ deck. They’re crazy! You have a couple of little wheels that you position in the right place on the graphic, a cross-fader (which is bizarrely placed at the top) and you can edit effects, loops and stuff just like a pair of CDJs !


Anyway – I thought a little bit about how to organize this and figured you want some kind of order. So I’m going to split the site into categories and I’m gonna start with what I know best – beats. So I think we’ll have a “Drum Machines”, “Samplers”, “Loop player”, “Loop libraries”, “Pro drum software” or something like that.

Of course – at this stage I’m gonna ask for suggestions from you all (especially those who call me the most with tech problems – for some reason I’m the ‘tech guru’ in the studio too).

So where to start? ¬†Maybe it’s just an idea if I upload one of my own tracks for you to listen to, just to give you an idea of what sort of things I’ll be laying down in the first parts of this, er, guide? tutorial? review? repository? whatever it’s going to be called I don’t mind!

One idea which I have decided with this, is a section for DJing stuff – The DJ BLoG. In there I’ll keep all the software and related tools DJ related only. Music production stuff stays here where is belongs.