Incredible cover version of “One” by Metallica


Words fail me on this one. Absolutely fantastic.


David Bowie – China Girl : Storytellers (Live)

Brilliant version of China Girl from our man David here.  Personally for me I think the drum fills are fantastic!




Another great live production quality to this is simple and has been used for generations – quite simply pan your two guitars left & right and have them play perfectly complimentary parts that bounce off of each other naturally.

We all love Bowie don’t we. ;)

Never Stop – Brand New Heavies

Right I’ve been so busy I’ve not had chance to update this, but I just wanted to share an classic, Never Stop by The Brand New Heavies. I thought of this because recent events have proved to me that you should never stop, never give it up in whatever you set out to achieve. There is no such option as failure if you do just this one simple thing – never stop!

So here it is – from my own turf: The Brand New Heavies – Never Stop.