Incredible cover version of “One” by Metallica


Words fail me on this one. Absolutely fantastic.


Production of remixes.

Quite a few people have emailed to ask more details of how I approach making a remix. A short while ago I wrote an article for a colleague of mine who has published it online. Really it’s an overall guide but I do explain the overall workflow and remix construction process. I intend writing a follow up article where I will provide the building blocks (wav files etc) and you will get the chance to do a remix with me in the tutorial.

I’m looking for suggestions (please just comment below or email me as usual) for songs to remix – I’d like to make the article relevant to you readers after all!

For the moment though you can read this article about creating a remix here.

Here’s a tune (not mine) for a rainy winter Saturday:

Hip Hop Production

So I’ve been thinking about writing up a tutorial about creating hip hop music when I happened upon a great article already here: How to create Hip Hop beats.

It’s a fairly in-depth step by step guide with some of the most basic principles and rules to making hip hop music, but I think I can expand on a few places that it doesn’t touch on. Over the next few days I shall write up my own ‘Hip Hop Tutorial’ which will cover the missing elements on that one.

In the mean time I give you something more for summer:  Two hours of melodic Dubstep – mix by Tim Bryant.


How to create Hip Hop Beats

Making beats for Home is where the heart is.

So I’ve had a lot of emails asking me about the software I’m using to create the beats and songs. When I say quite a few I mean loads. Couldn’t work out why until I looked at what I posted on Youtube and discovered it’s had a shed load of views, so a fat thanks to all those who liked it!
Anyway – as it goes I’ve been trying out new software this past few weeks (why I’ve quiet) and played around with a load of different beatmakers. That track was using mostly BTVSOLO Beatmaker to create beats, I’ll give you the download sites to those in a bit, but the main point was doing a remix without the whole vocal line. I spoke to a dude I know who wanted me to explain how it’s done, not gonna do that here, too busy mixing up more, but invited him into the studio next week so he can see. I’ll write a full description for him & you then.
The basic thing to do is make sure you work with an acapella line to start with and get the bpm sorted. After that it’s plain sailing if you got da music in you. :)

1. Download BTV Solo Beat Maker
Start with a basic beat at the right bpm to the track.
2. Run the vocals with it together in Audacity
3. While it’s looping away play around with other drums and basses in BTV Solo.
4. Put your phat sounds back into Audicity and mix down.
My main professional stuff is on Cubase 7 in the studio, but I used to be a Pro Tools guy until the PC was able to do the stuff Mac’s could. I mostly work as the beat creator, beat maker, beat master whatever you wanna call it, but I’m a groove and rhythm guy – Ash does the main musical stuff.

I found BTV only recently at The Music Software Download Net, which has listed loads of free downloads and paid-for software. Worth a look:

And that’s about it for now. I will do a full version of this when I’ve got more time.

For now – enjoy something else (not mine)  This is amazing – Drophere by dZihan & Kamien featuring Madita – Enjoy: