Freedom Exists.

In my teens I listen a lot to Jim Morrison. It was different from all my usual music and the tunes my peers had stuffed in their ears and “pumping out” of their new ‘stereos’. It seems hard to imagine today in this world of technology advancing at such an extreme pace, so hard it’s almost unreal.  “Freedom existed when I was younger before the birth of the internet” was something I thought for a long time. It’s true that many people are happy to share their entire history, life and every personal detail with the whole world, and choose to publish everything about themselves.

I honestly didn’t acknowledge this simple facet of modern-day life: people are absolutely willing to give up their freedom.

Did you know freedom exists
In a school book?
Did you know madmen
Are running our prison
Within a jail, within a gaol
Within a white free protestant

Look up further quotes from Jim Morrison – works of art:

So to listen to an adaptation of this classic:- Morrison’s voice track laid down along with a nice minimal mid 90’s Detroit-esque sound… it’s almost hypnotic in its reach.

Perfect Sin: Freedom Exists.


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