1 hour of pure heaven with brotha berry

“That was just the start of something new” I heard it said back in ’03 when we hit upon a sound like no other. I’d heard it before, but this time it was real and every spoken word rang with an air of authority and truth. “I don’t care what others think – I just go and make my mind wander in the subtle changes embedded in the beat and gradual moves in the synths – that’s all its gotta take brotha just ’nuff to make you want more and more, and then I dish out the killer line – y’all kno wha’ um saying yeah?”

Well this my friends is what it’s like to be in that state of trance and hearing this shizzle just brings me all back to the day I said that. Check it – an hour of solid groove masterfully crafted into getting you to that special place:

Brotha Berry – Natural Selections 8


New remix of Ray J’s I hit it first. Beatmaker mix.

Shit yeah – just put together a quick remix of Ray J – I hit it first. Thought I’d give it whirl with some new shizzle but gettin’ some old beats up in some new software.

Check it anyway – Ray J -I hit it first Beatmaker remix:

Just download Sonic Producer from here and get beat making quickly. This aint the finished version got loads more to do. I was just testing out the drum / beat making side of this.