Ania Iwinska – Inside the forest

A rather nice track – well produced and takes you on a journey. Look out for Ania on the London scene.

Inside the forest is a track that simply grows on you, it has everything to offer from beginning to end, classy glass keys, short stabs of bass and effete less Tones, along with an atmospheric vocal, Inside the forest sets the mood for any Deep house set, already gaining massive reviews and support from names right across the world stage and is a must for any Deep house Jock that wants to pull something special out.

Sit back, relax, listen and zone out: – Beatport exclusive 24th April 2013

Watch The Duck – Poppin’ Off

Tricky Stewart put us on to this on Twitter – Check this shizzle out ffs – it’s the absolute shit! Revolutionary shit that is:

Watch The Duck – Poppin’ Off

You got to give it to them for their sound – a future music for real, and what a video -!