Marika Rossa – Hotter than a burning Meteor!

Marika is simply one of the hottest DJs on the planet right now! Absolutely amazing & big respect from London UK!

Just see how she abslutely loves what she does – and she does it to perfection!

Which leaves one “burning” question – when are you playing the UK? We’re ready for you now! ;)


Dubstep ahoy!

Well people, just going to throw a few of the latest dubstep tracks from for you. Fantastic to get you in the Friday mood once again! :)

Invaders by Cosmic Zebra – Great stuff, part of BPM network:

Next up – Stay With Me by Poolz. Got a bit of a Scrillex thang going on there.

Lastly Shine by Late Night Alumni (R/D Remix):

Enjoy all!