Funk up the afternoon with DJ Wez G!

It’s a grey misty February afternoon here in London, and we’re in the mood to spin up some funkin’ tunes. Well Wez G is spinning them up  actually with a cracking new DJ set from the 12th – Punky Funky.  You should check his soundcloud page out (click link in player) – the guy’s got talent and knows exactly what to play when.

Electronic dance music enthusiasts are the modern day punks. Electronic music represents youth culture and the stuff top DJs hammer out in wild night clubs to glammed up audiences is about as punky as it’s gotten since the seventies. This funked up mix covers vocals through to driving funky basslines and I hope it keeps you as punky funky as the monkey.

Yep – Bang on the money Wez – Bang on.     WezG – Punky Funky:

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