Welcome to Beat Maker

beat-maker_smallWell first, let me say hello.

I’ve built this site with the pure intention of gathering together tools, sounds, samples & software that I use on a regular basis when making music. The reason for this? Simply so that whenever I set up a new mini studio somewhere, I have everything that I need at my fingertips and it don’t matter where the hell I am.  This is gonna be my personal internet bookmark.

Originally I was going to leave myself some little notes by each entry – really just so I could remember details like how many tracks / channels certain bits of software had etc. but then thought – sod it, it would be useful for when I’m showing other people how to set up this shizzle on their computers to have better notes. So hence it’s a bit longer winded than I intended, but you’ll find some really useful notes hopefully, and save you time (as time goes by this site will become bigger and bigger).

Anyway – while thinking about it properly I ended up with the format that you see now. It may change, it may not – probably just depends on how I feel that day to be honest. ;)

Without further – I bid ye well and hope you find this a useful repository.

Some feedback is always welcome too of course!

The Beat Maker

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